“The Encyclopedia of Commercial Drive” is Released!

The physical environment, the streets and buildings, are important elements of the Drive’s neighbourhood, but they cannot compete in importance with the people and the companies that have lived their lives on the Drive.  This Encyclopedia is dedicated to the memory of all those who went before to make the Drive the joy it is today.

Collected from every available public directory and with additional material from multiple newspaper accounts and memoirs, there are more than 10,500 entries in the Encyclopedia covering about 15,000 people and businesses.

The Encyclopedia has been designed as a handy resource for historians, heritage enthusiasts, genealogists, and everyone who loves Commercial Drive. We hope it encourages further exploration, and that it is used for more detailed research into the lives and work of those whose Commercial Drive as their home.

“The Encyclopedia of Commercial Drive to 1999” runs to 558 pages and is available direct from me via PayPal (see link on right sidebar), from Amazon, and from the People’s Co-op Bookstore on Commercial Drive. Retail price is $40.00.

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