Release Date: “The Encyclopedia”

With the proof copy in hand, we can now announce a firm date for the publication of “The Encyclopedia of Commercial Drive to 1999”. The book will be released on Monday 6th February, 2012.

The physical environment of the Drive, the streets and buildings, are important elements of our neighbourhood, but they cannot compete in importance with the people and the companies that have lived their lives on the Drive. Collected from every available public directory and with substantial additional material from newspapers and memoirs, there are more than 11,000 biographical entries in “The Encyclopedia” covering about 15,000 people and businesses. The volume weighs in at 584 pages and will retail at $40.

We hope to have some pre-publication copies available for Jak’s evening with the Vancouver Historical Society at the Museum of Vancouver on 26th January 2012. It’s worth marking the date on your calendar!

This is the second in Jak King’s four-volume series on the history of Commercial Drive. The third volume, “A Biography of Buildings” is scheduled for publication at the end of 2012.


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