The Drive Press Announces Release Schedule

After the successful launch of “The Drive: A Retail, Social and Political History of Commercial Drive to 1956” in April, Jak King and The Drive Press are pleased to announce the release dates for the balance of this series of historical monographs.

The Encyclopedia of Commercial Drive in the Twentieth Century” will be published in October 2011. This exhaustive study of every shop, business, organization, service and apartment resident on Commercial Drive from 1901 to 1999 will include a minimum of 11,000 entries.

In June 2012 we will publish “The Biography of Buildings: Commercial Drive From the Beginning.”¬† Every building that has ever graced our fair street will be examined in detail, including an address-by-address listing of every occupant.

In June 2013, the second volume of “The Drive” — taking the history of Commercial Drive through to 1999 — will be published.

To all those who have already supported our publication of “The Drive” we offer our deepest appreciation and we hope that you, and many others, will enjoy these future volumes.

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